Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jack Vettriano Silhouette

Jack Vettriano SilhouetteJack Vettriano Shades of ScarlettJack Vettriano Setting New Standards
There was some silence.
'Sorry,' said Buddy. 'We were waiting for the "‑teen".'
'I had to be firm,' said most at poker), who listen to the frozen echoes in ammonites and amber, swear they can detect some tiny sounds before that.
It sounded, they say, like someone counting: One, Two, Three, Four.
The very best one, who listened to basalt, said he thought he could make out, very faintly, some numbers that came even earlier.
When they asked him what it was, he said: 'It sounds like One, Two.'
No‑one ever asked what, if there was a sound that called the universe into being, happened to

Monday, May 11, 2009

Arthur Hughes Phyllis

Arthur Hughes PhyllisFranz Marc Zwei KatzenFranz Marc yellow cowFranz Marc Tiger
Susan had no difficulty in spotting Imp y Celyn. He was at the front of the stage, his face a mask of terror. Behind him was a troll, withcapable of doing so. It was more fun watching people dodge.
A big, red‑bearded man grinned at Lias, and selected a small throwing axe from his bandolier. It was OK to throw axes at trolls. They tended to bounce off.
Susan could see it all. It'd bounce off, and hit Imp. No‑one's fault, really. Worse things happened at sea. Worse things happened in Ankh‑Morpork all the time, often continuously. a dwarf trying to hide behind it.She glanced at the hourglass. Just a few more seconds . . .He was really rather attractive, in a dark, curly­headed sort of way. He looked a little elvish.And familiar.She'd felt sorry for Volf, but at least he was on a battlefield. Imp was on a stage. You didn't expect to die on stage.I'm standing here with a scythe and an hourglass waiting for someone to die. He's not much older than me and I'm not supposed to do anything about it. That's silly. And I'm sure I've seen him . . . before . . .No‑one actually tried to kill musicians in the Drum. Axes were thrown and crossbows fired in a good­humoured, easy‑going way. No‑one really aimed, even if they were

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tamara de Lempicka Kizette on the Balcony

Tamara de Lempicka Kizette on the BalconyGustav Klimt Portrait of Adele Bloch BauerBerthe Morisot At the BallClaude Monet Woman In A Green Dress
. I'm pretty sure I saw you carry most of it out of the Guild . . .'
'Must have 'And . . . it seemed to me, as we were carrying that little coffin . . . slightly heavier . . .?'
'Really, sir? I really couldn't say I noticed.'
'But at least he's got a proper dwarf burial.'
'Oh, yes. I saw to that, sir,' said Carrot.

The rain gurgled off the roofs of the Palace. The done, sir.''Yes. Er. I hope you put it somewhere safe, then. Do you, er, do you think you left it somewhere safe?'Behind them, the gravedigger began to shovel the wet, clinging loam of Ankh-Morpork into the hole.'I think I must have done, sir. Don't you? Seeing as no-one has found it. I mean, we'd soon know if anyone'd found it!''Maybe it's all for the best, Corporal Carrot.''I certainly hope so.''He was a good copper.''Yes, sir.'Vimes went for broke.

Monday, May 4, 2009

George Bellows The Circus

George Bellows The CircusGeorge Bellows Summer FantasyGeorge Bellows Romance of Autumn
Good. I like sorting things out.'

Foul Ole Ron He watched as the sleek golden shape streaked away.
'I told 'em! I told 'em! I told 'em!' he said. Til give 'em the wrong end of a ragman's trumpet, so I shall. Bug'r'em. Millennium hand and shrimp! I told 'em!'

Gaspode wagged what was technically a tail when Angua re-emerged.
' "Change into fomefing more fuitable",' he said, his voice slightly muffled was a Beggars' Guild member in good standing. He was a Mutterer, and a good one. He would walk behind people muttering in his own private language until they gave him money not to. People thought he was mad, but this was not, technically, the case. It was just that he was in touch with reality on the cosmic level, and had a bit of trouble focusing on things smaller, like other people, walls and soap (although on very small things, such as coins, his eyesight was Grade A).Therefore he was not surprised when a handsome young woman streaked past him and removed all her clothes. This sort of thing happened all the time, although up until now only on the inner side of his head.Then he saw what happened next.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

John Singleton Copley The Death of Major Pierson

John Singleton Copley The Death of Major Pierson
the four food groups: sugar, starch, grease and burnt crunchy bits.
'I'd like a couple of eggs,' said Vimes, 'with the yolks real hard but the whites so runny that they drip like treacle. And I want bacon, that special bacon all covered with bony nodules and dangling bits of fat. And a slice of fried bread. The kind that makes your arteries go clang just by looking at it.'
'Tough order,' said Harga.
'You managed it yesterday. And give me some more coffee. Black as midnight on a moonless night.'
Harga looked surprised. That wasn't like Vimes.
'How black's that, then?' he said.
'Oh, pretty damn black, I should think.'
John Singleton Copley The Copley Family
'You get more stars on a moonless night. Stands to reason. They show up more. It can be quite bright on a moonless night.'
Vimes sighed.
'An overcast moonless night?' he said.
Harga looked carefully at his coffee pot.
'Cumulus or cirro-nimbus?'
'I'm sorry? What did you say?'
'You gets city lights reflected off cumulus, because it's low lying, see. Mind you, you can get high-altitude scatter off the ice crystals in—'
'A moonless night,' said Vimes, in a hollow voice, 'that is as black as that coffee.'
John Singleton Copley Brook Watson And The Shark
up there'll be long gone by the time we get there. We must tell the captain.''You think she was killed by the same thing as Hammer hock ?''Yes.' 'There are . . . niner birds.''That's right.''There are . . . one bridge.''Right.''There are . . . four-ten boats.'All right.''There are . . . one tousand. Three hundret. Six-ty. Four bricks.''OK.''There are—''I should give it a rest now. You don't want to wear everything out by counting—''There are – one running man . . .''What? Where?'

Paul Cezanne Jas de Bouffan the Pool

Paul Cezanne Jas de Bouffan the PoolPaul Cezanne House of Pere LacroixPaul Cezanne Flowers in a Blue VasePaul Cezanne Five Bathers
don't know. I've never seen anything like it . . . there was just a great big hole. But I'm going to find out what it was.'
'Hmm. Did I mention that Dr Cruces came to see me this morning?'
'No, sir.'you to follow two very specific instructions . . .'
'You will cease any investigations connected with this theft from the Assassins' Guild. Do you understand? It is entirely Guild business.'
'Sir.' Vimes kept his face carefully immobile.
'I'm choosing to believe that the unspoken word in that sentence was a yes, captain.'
'And that one, too. As for the matter of the unfortunate Mr Hammerhock . . . The body was discovered just a short while ago?'
'Yes, sir.''He was very . . . concerned.''Yes, sir.''I think you upset him.''Sir?'The Patrician seemed to be reaching a decision. His chair thumped forward.'Captain Vimes—''Sir?''I know that you are retiring the day after tomorrow and feel, therefore, a little . . . restless. But while you are captain of the Night Watch I am asking

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Venus Verticordia

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Venus VerticordiaClaude Monet Haystack at GivernyJean Auguste Dominique Ingres Ingres The SourcePeter Paul Rubens Samson and Delilah
spent the whole day there. When he'd finished, carefully replacing the leafmould as the sun went down, he was quite certain.
Ankh-Morpork had a king again.
And this was right. And it was fate that had let Edward recognize this just when he'd got his Plan. And it was right that it was Fate, 'Hoping this finds you in Good Health, Yrs faithfully,
'Your loving son, adopted,

He folded the letter up, inserted the iconographs, sealed it with a blob of candle wax pressed into place with his thumb, and put it in his pants pocket. Dwarf mail to the Ramtops was quite reliableand the city would be Saved from its ignoble present by its glorious past. He had the Means, and he had the end. And so on . . . Edward's thoughts often ran like this.He could think in italics. Such people need watching.Preferably from a safe distance. 'I was Interested in your letter where you said people have been coming and asking about me, this is Amazing, I have been here hardly Five Minutes and already I am Famus.'I was very pleased to hear about the opening of #7 shaft. I don't mind Telling You that although, I am very happy here I miss the Good Times back Home. Sometimes on my day Off I go and, sit in the Cellar and hit my head with an axe handle but, it is Not the Same.